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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shouting His Praises Today! Day 4

**From this point forward...I will refer to the day being the days on the low calorie diet and HCG hormones only...not including the gorge days.**

I am shouting praises to the King of Kings today!

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, determined and strong after 2 terrible days. When I went to bed last night/this morning...I was ready to quit the whole program. I wasn't discouraged by the weight lose but because I felt hungry and very deprived....throw in the emotions and I was a mess.

I am proud to say that I got up to another 2.2 lb. weight loss! That is 5.2 lbs in 3 days. PTL!!!!!

That fueled my already determined fire and I was off and running this morning. I chatted with a friend/former associate pastor who has been on the program and his wife is the friend who got me started. He saw from my Facebook that I was struggling and he was very encouraging.

He reminded me that I was too stubborn to quit anything and I would achieve what I set out to do because I wasn't a quitter. He told me that it was hard for him to do it the first week also and he confirmed what Stacey, weight loss support, had already told me that next week would be completely different.

He also suggested that I hold on to my fruit until the afternoons to help curb my appetite. I found out yesterday morning that I was fine only drinking tea for breakfast until I decided to "eat" breakfast at 11:15, at which time I had 1/2 of a grapefruit sprinkled with Stevia.

It seemed like immediately after stomach and craving woke up. Then the battle was on all day.

This morning...I skipped breakfast like the program recommends but it isn't mandatory and I have done fine all day.

For lunch, my friend had told me of a concoction that another participant made and I tried it. It was delicious and within the boundaries of the program. It filled me up and I just had an orange at 4:20 without any cravings all day.

My lunch meal was a small can of crushed tomatoes, one hamburger pattie (pre-measured and cooked by Roger), beef broth, chili powder, oregano, minced garlic and garlic salt. I crumbled the beef up and put it in the bowl with the tomatoes and added the other ingredients. Popped it in the microwave and wah lah....chili without beans or spaghetti without pasta. It was delicious! I was totally stuffed when I was finished with the bowl.

Tonight, Roger is grilling shrimp. Now, let me tell you a secret...I don't eat "naked" shrimp. goes back to my childhood when I used to watch my daddy buy 10 lbs. of fresh shrimp in Florida and clean it. He would cut the heads off and de-vein was nasty. I love fried shrimp but not "naked" shrimp.

Well, today...I'm gonna have to learn to eat "naked" shrimp and love it. I have to have variations of my meals to keep from getting bored. I am even going to cook asparagus...I don't eat that stuff either. Hopefully, I can figure out how to cook it and it will be good. I'm praying! LOL!

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: Tea
Lunch: My concoction of a chili without beans or spaghetti without pasta
Afternoon Snack: Orange
Dinner: 3 Jumbo grilled shrimp with a romaine lettuce salad and lemon dressing
Night Snack: ??? Might not eat one

I am still in a good mood tonight and it was a much better day. We went to Kroger to buy shrimp this afternoon and ran into another family of 3 from our church who is doing it as well. The man has lost 16 lbs. in 12 days and his daughter has lost 9 lbs. They all said that they get hungry but it does get better the second week. I am looking forward to that.

We are going to Memphis tomorrow to the movies and I am going by the health food market to pick up the flavored Stevia and see what else they might have to help me on my journey.

The only problem I see tomorrow popcorn at the movies!!! Ughhhhhhh!


  1. You sound so much better, woo hoo. I love you.

  2. Keeping you lifted up. I appreciate your prayers as well.

    Blessings and love.


Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!