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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 9 - Thursday

Well, today has been pretty uneventful. I weighed in this morning and 1.2 lbs....technically, that means that I lost .2 lbs in 2 days because I was up 1 lb. yesterday and down 1.2 lbs. today.

Total weight loss in 8 full days is 9.2 lbs. YEAH!!!

Oh, well...trying not to get discouraged early on. The good thing is that Roger started on Monday and Tuesday with his gorge days and his 1st low calorie day was on Wednesday. He is doing really well. He dropped 5 lbs. from Wednesday to Thursday but he gain 4 lbs. on his gorge days.

I am preparing myself now that he will catch me and pass's a guy thing...they lose faster than women do. I'm still not going to like it but if he loses the weight and gets healthy...that's all that matters.

Ok...the acceptable foods to eat on this program as I promised:

Meats: 100 grams weighed raw per meal only!
Beef: Steak, Roast, Extra Lean Ground Beef (93% or better)
Fish: Orange Roughy, Tilapia, Flounder, Chilean Sea Bass, Red Snapper)
Crab (NOT imitation)
Crab Legs

Vegetables: These can be eaten ONLY with a MEAL...not as a snack
Asparagus - unlimited
Beet Greens - unlimited
Cabbage - unlimited
Celery Chard - unlimited
Cucumbers - unlimited
Fennel - up to 1 cup a day
Lettuce (any kind) - unlimited
Onion (red, yellow or white) - up to 1 cup a day
Radishes - unlimited
Spinach - unlimited
Tomatoes (Regular, Roma or Grape) - up to 1 cup a day

Fruits: 2 per per meal or they may be kept out for snacks
Grapefruits - 1/2 per day
Lemons - 1 per day
Strawberries - 1 handful...your hand only

Bread: 2 per day...PERIOD
Melba Toast - 2 slices per day only
Grissino Bread sticks - 2 sticks per day only

Maybe sweetened with Stevia or Sweet 'n Low only
You may have 1 tablespoon of milk is allowed per day

All spices are acceptable as long as they do not have any sugar or derivative of sugar.

Essentially, you are eating 2 meals a day. Those meals MUST include a protein and vegetable. You are allowed your bread stick or Melba toast (1 per meal) and your fruit (1 per meal) or the bread and fruit can be skipped and kept out for a snack.

Many people get caught up on the 500 calorie diet but the whole thing hangs on the HCG hormones drops. You can't diet and lose weight in a healthy manner if you try to just do a 500 calorie diet.

The HCG hormones caused your body to burn it's own stored fat for energy. This is where the weight loss comes in at the higher numbers. It also works to reset/fit your metabolism to keep the weight off after the program.

If you have any questions...please ask me. If I don't know the answer, then I will find out the answer for you.

Breakfast: Tea
Morning Snack: Orange
Lunch: Steak and Grilled Onions
Afternoon Snack: Melba Toast
Dinner: Tomatoes, Ground Beef...aka Pasta Free Spaghetti

So for's goodnight!

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Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!