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Monday, August 17, 2009

Am I Convinced???

I told myself that when I reached the 10 lb. mark, in a reasonably short time, that I would be convinced that this program will work for me. Well, I am nearly that time quickly. I was at 7 lbs. yesterday and I am hoping for more this morning.

I haven't weighed in yet because I like to get up and start moving around and go "potty" as much as possible to rid my body of any extra fluids that are lingering from yesterday and last night as possible.

I have researched the homeopathic HCG protocol online and also joined an online support group for additional information. There are many places out there that you can buy these drops and some come with recipes and the additional information. However, what I paid extra for is the support of ladies that I can call anytime 6 days a week AND they call me twice a week during the 40 day weight loss period and once a week during my maintenance.

I wouldn't have made it through last Friday if it weren't for Stacey, my support person. That is what I am paying for.

The other thing that is helpful to me is that we are practically getting together our own little support group right here in Marion. There are several people that are a week ahead of me and I will be a week ahead of several more who are signing up today and some that will start next week.

When I talked to the couple that are a week ahead of me on Saturday, I finally felt like...I can do this. They supported everything that I was feeling and said because they just went through the same thing the week before. They were able to tell me what I will be going through this next 7 days also.

So, between our local participants and my support through the company that I chose to go through...I will without a doubt be successful and you can too!!!

Even though, I haven't hit the 10 lb. mark yet...I am convinced that this will work for me.

I haven't completed my 1st 7 days yet but I am so excited about the results thus far and what is to come.

If you are genuinely interested in starting this weight loss program with me...please email me and I will personally give you any and all details on what you need to do.

Don't take my word for it and see what other are saying about it. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

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Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!