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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 4 - Saturday

I was thrilled to get up and weigh this was 181.8. I'll take anything that I can get!

Today, I decided to hold off on eating breakfast until around 10 AM since I got so hungry yesterday before lunch. I had a half a grapefruit with Stevia sprinkled on it with a glass of did the trick...satisfied.

Lunch is Italian cabbage, red and green cooked together last night with spices. I added a piece of ground beef that Roger doctored with Italian seasoning and cooked for me last night as well. I chopped up the beef and ate it all together. Actually, I was quite surprised at how good it was.

Cabbage is one of the vegetables that are unlimited as long as it is eaten within that meal. This helps me to save my bread and fruit for later in the day. I am really stuffed right now.

4:30 PM...This afternoon has been harder...I'm hungry or just want to eat something...not sure which right now. I am holding off, trying to stay busy until it is time to eat dinner. Everything I see...I want to cheat and eat it but I haven't and won't....God, help me to remain faithful to this program.

Finally, at 7:50 PM...I was able to eat dinner. I had to take boys to football practice at 2:30, work until 5 PM, go to Fred's, go wait for them to finish 6-6:30 PM, run them home, wait for them to jump in the shower, pick up 2 more and run them to a swimming party that started at 6 PM. No time to eat between all the running and I didn't want to eat early and be hungry before bedtime.

Tonight's dinner was salad with romaine and red leaf lettuce, homemade dressing, lemon juice, Mrs. Dash, my 1 piece of Melba toast and tuna. Thank goodness that lettuce is an unlimited veggie. It took awhile but I am now full and satisfied. I am saving my last fruit of the day until later tonight.

It seemed more like a struggle today than yesterday but I survived. Hopefully, the scales will reflect it in the morning.

On this program you weight every morning and hopefully, there will be a loss again tomorrow. Until then...goodnight!

Today: Mood - Better than yesterday with very little if any irritability, positive and encouraged by a nearly 2 lb. weight lost this morning,

Food: It was a battle today because I wanted to eat. I'm not sure if I was hungry or just wanted to eat. Everything I saw in the refrigerator and pantry ie. chips, white cheese dip, chicken salad, ham, macroni and cheese, cereal...well, you get the picture...don't you. I remained faithful.

Problem: I did eat a little more tuna than the 100 grams that I weighted out. It will probably show up on the scales in the morning and I felt so guilty right after I did it. I will do better tomorrow.

Lesson: Don't get so hungry that you think you have to eat more than is allowed to be satisfied.

Breakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit with Stevia and tea
Mid-morning Snack: None
Lunch: Italian cabbage and ground beef patty and tea
Afternoon Snack: 1 piece of Melba toast
Dinner: Salad...romaine and red leaf lettuce, special allowed dressing, lemon juice squeezed on top also, 1 piece of Melba toast and tea
Bedtime Snack: 1 handful of strawberries
Total Calorie Intake: 500 calories plus 3 "injections" of HCG

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Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!