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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 5 - Sunday

Today has been a great day in the Lord and with my weight loss program. I weighed in this morning and had another 1.6 lb. loss. My current weight is 176.6 down from 183.6!

I chose to follow the same plan as I did on Saturday and that was skipping breakfast and only having tea to drink.

We went to the early service and Sunday School so by the time I got back home...I was starting to get hungry. On Thursday and Friday, I wouldn't have been able to sit in the same room with donuts and not go crazy but it didn't bother me today.

Roger grilled the rest of the T-Bone steak and a red onion for lunch! Oh, was delicious and very filling.

After lunch, we went to the movies and watched G.I. Joe. I sat beside Tyler and Roger while they ate movie theater popcorn and drank cokes...without any problem.

I snuck my tea in the movies and only had one drink throughout the entire movie.

We left there and went to the Whole Food Market to buy liquid Stevia drops and organic lettuce. I spend $2.50 for organic romaine lettuce and it still tastes bitter to me as that and iceberg has all season this year. I give up...looks like I will be sticking to spinach and red leaf lettuce for the duration of this program.

By the time that I got home after 5 PM...I was taking the headache and was sick at my stomach from not eating any fruit between meals.

We got home and Roger grilled Orange Roughy for dinner. I had that with my salad and I am very satisfied. Once I ate headache went away and I feel great again.

Since I'm not hungry...I am skipping my fruit all together today and going to bed very soon.

I am hoping and praying that tomorrow when I am home alone and back at work the food cravings and hunger battles won't begin again.

I am taking one day at a time and see where this journey leads me.

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  1. Keep taking one day at a time, you will be a winner. I love you.


Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!