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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Phase 3 or P3

Sunday was my first day of P3 (Phase 3) of the HCG weight loss program.

Eating out after church on Sunday never sounded so good as it this past Sunday. We went to Colton's and I was trying to be very good, follow all the rules (there aren't many) and keep my nerves in check.

With each new phase, there comes nervousness, confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed...just at first, though. You are so afraid that you will begin to regain all that you lost when you start back to eating regular foods with unlimited quantities.

I ordered the mesquite grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and a salad with ranch...hold the croutons, please. I chose to take home half of the chicken for my lunch yesterday but, I was will very full and completely satisfied. I cooked large hamburger steaks with green beans for dinner and I don't remember if I had any snack or not on Sunday.

I was up only 1 lb. of the 2 lbs. that are allowed. I was pleasantly surprised!

Yesterday, I went a lot further with my eating to see if I would gain weight or not. They have said that I shouldn't but if I do, don't stress because you can have a steak day or a tuna and steak day to shed the extra pounds....I really don't want to have to do that but I will if I need to.

I had 2 regular, scrambled eggs and 3 slices of bacon for breakfast, salad with a little cheddar cheese, onions, bell pepper, left over grilled chicken and ranch dressing for lunch. My snacks for the afternoon and evening consisted of...2 servings of almonds, 1 sugar free chocolate jello pudding snack, pork rinds and a small handful of walnuts. Dinner was a grilled pork chop on the go, in the car while I was running to pick Tyler up at a Spanish Club meeting and then off to Wal-Mart. I'm not sure that I even tasted the pork

I had my 2nd Diet Dr. Pepper and I was up only .2 lbs. I am using the website that they recommended to track my eating and it is great whether you are on this program or not.

Check it out: It will tell you under the tab...My Plate how many calories you need per day to lose weight or maintain weight. You can also document everything you eat and it will keep a running file for you.

Each day is a new adventure now that we are able to eat regular food but I will be glad when we get to add our starches back...I need a bigger variety of veggies.

My goal this week is to search for low carb, low sugar recipes to try.

And finally, I took my measurements and was totally shocked at the results because I had only lost 3.6 lbs. I lost another 12 inches off my body for a grand total of 38 inches in Round 1. That is totally amazing to me!!!

Here is the breakdown of what I've lost and where since my first measurements on 8/12 and my final on 9/19.

Neck: -1"
Right Arm: -4"
Left Arm: -3"
Upper Chest: -3 1/2"
Chest: -3 1/4"
Midriff: -3 1/4"
Waist: -4"
Belly Button: -4 1/2"
Hips: -3"
Right Thigh: -2 1/4"
Left Thigh: -2 1/4"
Right Knee: -1 1/2"
Left Knee: -1"
Right Calf: -3/4"
Left Calf: -3/4"

All I can say is WOW! I am a believer now!


  1. Man girl, you are making me sooo hungry!!! Keep up the good work and I'm going to check out that website you gave.

  2. This is one thing I never did when I first started my weight release journey,,taking measurements...sigh. All I know is that I was a size 24, and now size 8 is big...All my granny underwear are gone now and I even have some cute little by my hip underwear. Haven't worn those since I was a teenager,,LOL


Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!