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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday & Tuesday

I got a shock on Monday when I spoke with Stacey, my support. My 40th day will be Friday of this week instead of next Monday.

They begin counting the days on the first day of the gorge when you take the drops for the first time. Wow...I need to lose as much as possible before then because whatever I weigh in on Friday will be my weight that I have to maintain for 6 weeks in order to reset brain's set weight.

I have been counting my days from the first full day of my 500 calorie diet and drops. So, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and scared at the same time. I am ready to get off of this very limited food list but still haven't lost the weight that I had hoped to. The maintenance is a little nerve wracking because you don't want to mess up and gain it back. You have to stay within 2 lbs....up or down of the last day of the HCG drops...which is Friday.

You have to continue to eat 500 calories without drops for 3 days and then you get to increase your calories.

Monday...I knew that I had consumed too much sodium because I could tell that night before getting on the scales that I was way up. I was up 6 lbs. from my morning weight. Yes, most of it was fluid retention but I was still up more than I have been in nearly 40 days.

Tuesday morning...I was very frustrated and disappointed with I was up nearly 2 lbs. over my lowest weight. Roger tried to console me in his "manly" way but I wasn't having any part of it and told him it was in his best interest to just go to work. lol

When I only have a few days to lose as much as I can...I was disappointed because the more you are up...the less you are going to weigh on the final day.

However, I refused to let it ruin my day with Laurie and going to the spa for a pedicure. We had a great time with lots of girl talk and it was refreshing to just get away from it all...even, if for only a couple of hours.

I had to eat lunch out and that was very difficult this time. They didn't have any salad dressing that I could eat but they did grill me some onions to go with my grilled chicken. I know that put stuff on it to grill because it tasted greasy but I didn't have a choice and it was after 1:30 PM and I hadn't eaten all day.

After getting back home, I wasn't hungry and I just skipped dinner all together. I have weighed several times throughout the evening and night...the pounds are steady dropping.

I am hoping for a good weight in the morning. Fingers and freshly manicured toes are crossed.

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Thank you in advance for all the words of encouragement as I travel this journey to a healthier me! Love you all!